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Shandong heng yi KaiFeng machinery co LTD former flour machinery factory is specialized in the production of food processing complete sets of equipment comprehensive enterprise won a national new product golden dragon award national millions of rural consumers trustworthy product title has more than 50 years of grain machining manufacturing experience is a set design production manufacturing sales as one integrated company The company s leading products hengyi brand flour processing complete equipment has formed six series more than 30 products With complete sets of equipment adopts double mill grinding or unilateral Gao Fangping sieve whey powder machine supplemented by the impact of loose...

Categories and Products

Activated Carbon Production Equipment

Rotary Activated Furnace

Rotary activation furnace Activated furnace Rotary activated furnace activated furnace coconut shell activated charcoal machinery Activation charcoal production machine activated charcoal plant machinery Activation equipment for producing activated carbon Activated carbon activation furnace coconut shell activated charcoal Activation furnace New design carbonization furnace continuous rotary carbonization furnace Activated carbon making machines 

Rotary Carbonization Furnace

Rotary carbonization furnace Carbonization furnace Rotary carbonization furnace Charcoal machine Coconut shell activated charcoal manufacturing machine Rotary coconut shell charcoal kiln Rotary palm shell charcoal kiln rotary continuous horizontal carbonizing furnace Continuous carbonization furnace Carbonization furnace Continuous rotary furnace Carbonization furnace rotary kiln Rotary carbonization furnace coconut shell charcoal machine ROTARY KILN Production equipment shell activated charcoal Rotary Furnace Components Rotary activation furnace Rotary activation Furnaces from Thermcraft rotary continuous sawdust/rice husk New Environmental-Friendly Making Activities Wood New Environmental Friendly Making Activities Wood Biomass Carbonization Furnace Wood Carbonization Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Machine Wood Charcoal Making Machine 

SLEP Furnace

SLEP Activated Furnace Activated carbon equipment Stepple furnace Serp Furnace Spark activation furnace equipment Palm shell activation furnace Charcoal making equipment of palm shell Activated carbon activation furnace equipment activated charcoal making furnace SLEP Activated carbon production furnace 

Activated Carbon Regeneration Furnace (external Heating)

Activated carbon regeneration furnace(external heating type) Activated carbon regeneration furnace carbon regeneration kiln for sale coconut shell activated charcoal machine activated charcoal regeneration equipment Activated carbon regeneration device equipment Activated carbon regeneration furnace equipment Waste activated carbon thermal regeneration equipment 

One-step Activation Furnace

One-step activation furnace Activated carbon furnace one step vertical activation furnace activated charcoal smouldering furnace 

Supporting Activated Carbon Equipment

Complete Set Of Equipment

Complete Set Of Activated carbon productiom equipment Coconut shell activation charcoal machinery activated charcoal plant machinery equipment 

Activated carbon Screening Equipment

Linear Vibrating Screen Self-balance Vibrating Screen XZS rotary vibrating sieve FSFJ Flat Screen bin plansifter Activated carbon winnowing equipment Coconut shell charcoal sieving equipment Coconut shell charcoal screening equipment Coconut shell carbon sieving equipment Model FSFJ double bins plansifter equipment SIX cabin flat screen 

Activated carbon Dedusting Equipment

Model TBLM Impluse Dust Collector XLD Type Cyclone Separator Bag filter dust collector Floating Carbon Separator equipment for sale High and Low Pressure Fan Coconut shell charcoal dust collector Activated carbon dust removal equipment Activated carbon Large dust removal activated carbon large dust removal equipment Large dust removal equipment activated carbon dedusting equipment Bag filter dust filter. Model TXFY Floating Carbon Separator 

Activated carbon Packaging Equipment

LCS series of automatic quota packer Activated carbon packaging equipment Activated carbon material packaging equipment 

Activated carbon Conveying Equipment

LSS Spiral Conveyor Conveying equipment screw conveyor machine equipment Screw conveyor material conveyor equipment Activated carbon screw conveyor Activated carbon bucket elevator bucket elevator scraper conveyor material conveyor scraper conveyor conveying equipment belt conveyer belt conveyor belt conveyer belt conveyer equipment conveying equipment belt conveyer belt conveying equipment activated carbon conveyor activated carbon conveying equipment Material handling equipment conveyor Activated Roller Belt Conveyor/Roller Diverter Modular Roller Belt Conveyor/Roller Diverter 

Activated carbon Crushing Equipment

Model FMFQ(S) double mill machine 6F type single roller crusher Knife crusher crusher equipment Raymond Mill machine grinding machine Raymond Milling machine equipment Raymond milling equipment milling machine Raymond mill machine milling machine Material crushing equipment FMFQ double mill Activated carbon raw material crushing equipment Fruit shell crushing equipment Single roller crusher Raw material crushing equipment Activated carbon crushing equipment roller crusher Activated carbon crushing and screening equipment 

Activated carbon Drying Equipment

External heat drum type drying furnace Activation carbon drying equipment drying furnace Activated carbon drying equipment drying furnace Pulverized coal ash drier Internal heat drying carbonization furnace Activated carbon drying equipment 

Flour Machine

Automatic Flour Machine

Automatic flour machine equipment Single unit series automatic feeding mill Single unit series for core extraction Double mill automatic loading flour mill 6F fully automatic flour mill 30t Sha Kelong flour mill 6F-15 flour mill complete set of equipment Oat flour milling machine Model FTP-50 automatic grinding machine Overhead automatic wheat flour milling machine 6FTDP-26 medium flour processing equipment 

Large Flour Machine

Large flour mill machine 60-120 tons wheat flour processing equipment Steel frame 40 tons large flour mill 30-50 tons of wheat flour processing machinery 15-20 tons large flour mill machine 200 tons of floor type large flour machinery Large flour mill equipment flour grinding machine 60 - 150t large complete flour mill Large stone mill equipment FTHP150-300 tons grade powder processing equipment 150-300 tons of large-scale flour processing equipment 30-50t flour milling machine 80 ton steel frame type grinding machine 100 tons floor type wheat flour processing machinery 150 ton floor structure large flour mill 300 tons of large-scale flour processing equipment 300tons of Wheat Flour Mill Machine Building Structure 150tons of Wheat Flour Mill Machine Plalnt 60t of wheat flour mill machine 100 ton industrial wheat flour milling machine 

Corn Flour Machine

Corn pulverizer Corn flour machine 10 tons of corn flour machinery 20 tons of corn flour milling machinery 50 tons of corn flour milling machinery Small scale maize milling machine for making flour 30 tons maize flour milling plant Corn Flour Mill Machine Complete Plant 40tons of Buckwheat Processing Equipment 10-100ton/D Maize Milling Plant Mini maize milling plant (corn milling plant) 30-100TPD middle maize milling plant 100tpd maize milling plant 30-100TPD middle maize milling machine 100-200ton/D Corn Mill Machine 

Small Flour Machine

Minitype flour machine Small flour machine 6FSZ-40B small core flour machinery 6FTDP-20 flour machine equipment Model 6fsz-50 small flour milling machine Model 6fsz-50 small flour mill 6FSZ-40 flour mill flour milling machine 6FSZ-10 flour mill small flour mill machine Bean Peeling Plant milling machine 10T/D Multifunctional high-efficient dehuller Chili Powder Making Machine 

Stone Mill Flour Machine

Stone mill flour machine stone mill machine flour milling machine Large stone mill machine 2 sets of round sieve small stone mill wheat flour mill machine equipment wheat flour milling equipment 6FSY-100 type stone mill flour machinery 6 sets of conical sieve grinding equipment Stone Flour Machinery Wheat flour milling machine 

Supporting Flour Machine Equipment

Flour Machine Cleaning Equipment

Model TQSX draw-type gravity de-stoner Model FSFG plansifter screen equipment Model FSFJ double bins plansifter Model FSFJ single bins plansifter Model TQLZ self-regulation vibrating screen SCY Series drum screen Model TQLM Plane rotosifter Combined cleaning screen machine Model FQFD purifier machine equipment Model TXFY wind absorbing separator FQFD Series Cleaner machine Impact pulverized coal mill Flour-milling machine Impact pulverized coal mill Flour milling machine GFY series air blower Wind closing device Self-Regulation Vibrating Screen Equipment Draw-Type Gravity Destoner Cleaning equipement Suction Separator Wheat Maize Rice Processing Line High-Efficiency Air-Suction Separator machine Grain Cleaning Equipment Vibrating screen TQLM series rotary screen machine 

Flour Machine Washing Equipment

Model FQFD purifier machine Flour Clean grain equipment Impurity removing equipment wheat washing machine Simply Equipped High-Efficiency Wheat Brushing Machine 

Flour Machine Conveying Equipment

LSS Spiral Conveyor equipment Model DTG bucket-type hoister Model DTG bucket type hoister Scraper conveyor equipment Scraper conveyor machine Vertical hoist bucket conveyor DTG bucket elevator Flour mill matching equipment Computer automatic water holding system Multifunctional Good Quality Bucket Conveyor Lifter in 2018 Simply Equipped High Efficiency Scraper Conveyer Simply Equipped High Efficiency Scraper Conveyor Simply Equipped High Efficiency Screw Conveyer 

Flour Machine Dedusting Equipment

Model TBLM Low pressure impluse dust collector bag-type dust collector equipment activated carbon large dust removal equipment Bag filter dust filter machine High Efficiency Pulse Cloth Drum Dust Filter Simply Equipped High Efficiency Air Seal equipment 

Flour Machine Grinding Equipment

Model FMFQ(S) double mill Model 6F Flour Mill Double rollers wheat flour mill milling machine Double rollers wheat flour mill milling machines wheat flour milling roller mills for sale model fmfq double mill Production line maize flour milling machine Multi-Function Pneumatic Type Double Roller Mill FMFQ series pneumatic controlling flour milling equipment Pneumatic controlling roller flour mill 

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