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Shandong Hengyi Kaifeng Machinery Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shandong Flour Machinery Factory founded in 1951, is registered in the Economic Development Zone of Sishui County. In 2014, in order to actively respond to the call for "return to hometown", we invested and built up Shandong Hengyi Kaifeng Machinery Co., Ltd. Yangliu Branch independently, covering a total area of more than 6.6 acres, with a planned total construction area of 15,000 square meters and a planned investment of 50 million yuan in building standardized production workshops, office R & D complexes, warehouses and other facilities. The company's departments include research and development center, production department, sales department, financial department, administrative department and other departments. At present, the production workshop with a construction area of 10,000 square meters and the office building of 2500 square meters have been completed and put into use. Shandong Hengyi Kaifeng Machinery Co., Ltd. with plenty of experience in manufacturing machinery and equipment has obtained many national patents, has independent import and export rights for products, and has passed the ISO-9001 national quality system certification. Shandong Hengyi Kaifeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company of design, manufacturing, sales and installation, with four branches: Shandong Hengyi Kaifeng Machinery Co., Ltd. Yangliu Branch, Sishui Hengjie Machinery Co., Ltd., Sishui Kaijie Automation Co., Ltd., Jinan Hengyi Kaifeng Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Through years of management and development, the scale continues to expand, and the products have been sold to more than 20 provinces nationwide and have been exported to Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Mongolia, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Nigeria, Angola, Sudan and other countries. The main products are special equipment for activated carbon production, Carbonization Furnace, Activation Furnace, crushing and screening equipment, environmental protection equipment, flour machinery, miscellaneous grain equipment, dust removal equipment, feed equipment and automation equipment.
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Activated carbon activation furnace
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Activated carbon activation furnace
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  • Product introduction: UV photocatalytic oxidation equipment adopts the international advanced technology concept, through the long-term repeated test of experts and our company's engineering and technical personnel, developed a high-tech environmental protection purification product with completely independent intellectual property rights, which can completely decompose the toxic and harmful substances in industrial waste gas, and achieve the effect of deodorization and purification. After decomposition, the industrial waste gas can completely achieve the goal of purification Harmless discharge, no secondary pollution, at the same time to achieve efficient disinfection and sterilization. UV photocatalytic oxidation equipment uses high-intensity nano ultraviolet to destroy and decompose macromolecular chains into small ones, and then uses ozone and hydroxyl radical oxidation and catalyst for catalytic oxidation to change organic matter into water and carbon dioxide, so as to achieve the purpose of removing organic matter. Product advantages: ① . high efficiency odor removal: it can effectively remove the main pollutants such as VOC, inorganic substances, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptan, and other odor, and the deodorization effect greatly exceeds the emission standard of odor pollutants issued by the state in 1993 (gb14554-93) and the comprehensive emission standard of air pollutants (GB16297-1996) issued in 1996. ② . no matter is needed: only the corresponding exhaust pipe and exhaust power are required to make the odor / industrial waste gas be deodorized and decomposed and purified through the equipment, and no matter is added to participate in the chemical reaction. ③ . strong adaptability: the Gy series odor gas (industrial waste gas) UV high efficiency photodegradation waste gas purification equipment can adapt to high concentration, atmospheric volume, deodoriz
  • Activated carbon special cyclone dust collector, quadruple centrifugal dust collector, Hengyi Kaifeng dust removal equipment, quadruple centrifugal dust collector is the auxiliary equipment of activated carbon equipment, as the first step of dust removal equipment, the role is to improve the dust amount, enhance the dust removal effect, etc XLD type cyclone dust collector is also called quadruple centrifugal dust collector, which is suitable for workshop, mine and flour mill. It is used for crushing sand spraying tunnel operation, filter material, cement building material and refractory material dust collection with good effect, and the emission concentration is lower than the national standard. XLD cyclone has the characteristics of less metal consumables, large air volume, simple structure, small resistance, high efficiency, small floor area, small investment, convenient maintenance, simple installation, quick effect, low energy consumption and no vulnerable parts. Heavy contrast, coarse particles, high dust capture capacity. The cyclone is not limited by the dust concentration at the inlet. According to the size of the dust concentration, the dust particles can be used as primary dust removal or unipolar dust removal, and the corrosive gas and high-temperature dust gas can also be collected, filtered and recovered.
  • Pulse dust collector, activated carbon special dust collector, Hengyi Kaifeng, dust collector as the core equipment of environmental protection, has a vital position in the dust treatment. The pulse dust collector produced by our company has great advantages, different from ordinary dust removal equipment, and its material is more than most businesses. TBLM cylindrical high pressure pulse dust collector is composed of upper box, middle box and lower box. The external electromagnetic pulse valve is used for back blowing ash, centrifugal tangential air inlet and flat bottom rotary scraper ash discharging mechanism. Compact structure, low resistance of equipment, low load of filter bag, large air volume and good ash cleaning effect. It is widely used in mining, building material processing, mining, machinery and so on. It is an ideal equipment for industrial dust cleaning and recovery in industrial and mining enterprises. As an auxiliary equipment of activated carbon production equipment, this dust collector is very popular in the majority of activated carbon plants and effectively improves the environment in the workshop.
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