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waste gas treatment


Product introduction:

UV photocatalytic oxidation equipment adopts the international advanced technology concept, through the long-term repeated test of experts and our company's engineering and technical personnel, developed a high-tech environmental protection purification product with completely independent intellectual property rights, which can completely decompose the toxic and harmful substances in industrial waste gas, and achieve the effect of deodorization and purification. After decomposition, the industrial waste gas can completely achieve the goal of purification Harmless discharge, no secondary pollution, at the same time to achieve efficient disinfection and sterilization.

UV photocatalytic oxidation equipment uses high-intensity nano ultraviolet to destroy and decompose macromolecular chains into small ones, and then uses ozone and hydroxyl radical oxidation and catalyst for catalytic oxidation to change organic matter into water and carbon dioxide, so as to achieve the purpose of removing organic matter.

Product advantages:

① . high efficiency odor removal: it can effectively remove the main pollutants such as VOC, inorganic substances, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptan, and other odor, and the deodorization effect greatly exceeds the emission standard of odor pollutants issued by the state in 1993 (gb14554-93) and the comprehensive emission standard of air pollutants (GB16297-1996) issued in 1996.

② . no matter is needed: only the corresponding exhaust pipe and exhaust power are required to make the odor / industrial waste gas be deodorized and decomposed and purified through the equipment, and no matter is added to participate in the chemical reaction.

③ . strong adaptability: the Gy series odor gas (industrial waste gas) UV high efficiency photodegradation waste gas purification equipment can adapt to high concentration, atmospheric volume, deodorization and purification treatment of different industrial waste gas substances, and can work continuously 24 hours a day, and it is stable and reliable.

④ . low operating cost: the Gy series odor gas (industrial waste gas) UV high efficiency photodegradation waste gas purification equipment has no mechanical action, no noise, no special person management and daily maintenance. Only periodic inspection is required. The equipment has low energy consumption and extremely low air resistance of less than 50pA, which can save a lot of energy consumption of exhaust power.

⑤ . small equipment area and light weight: suitable for special conditions such as compact layout and narrow site. The equipment covers an area of less than 1 square meter / processing 10000m3/h air volume.

⑥ . high quality imported materials manufacturing: high fire and corrosion resistance, safe and stable equipment performance, stainless steel material, and the service life of the equipment is more than 15 years.

⑦ Explosion proof certification products: the equipment has the characteristics of safety and explosion-proof, and has passed the ex explosion-proof qualification certificate (Certificate No.: cnex13.0792 x) of the national explosion-proof electrical product quality supervision and inspection center, and can be widely used in industries with high explosion-proof requirements such as oil production (gas) field, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Application fields:

Paint waste gas treatment, paint spray waste gas treatment, feed industry waste gas treatment, ink production waste gas treatment, injection waste gas treatment, blown film waste gas treatment, plastic granulating waste gas treatment, furniture factory waste gas treatment, chemical waste gas treatment, pharmaceutical factory waste gas treatment, food processing waste gas treatment, flavor and perfume waste gas treatment, printing waste gas treatment.
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